Next Stop: Antwerp

18 July 2013


3x3EuroTour Antwerp Stop
3x3EuroTour Antwerp Stop

Antwerp is preparing to host the 3x3 EuroTour's next stop as top Belgium teams are suiting up for this weekend's action on Groenplaats, which is in the very heart of the city.

The upcoming event in Antwerp is going to be 3x3 EuroTour's third stop this summer after highly successful ventures in Bucharest and Prague.

Basketball is for everybody during the tour and Belgium is no exception to the motto. Special Olympics and wheelchair games are once again on the agenda as well as all sorts of entertainment for the fans which will include a Slam Dunk Contest (featuring Dutch high-flyer Vincent van Sliedregt) and shooting contests, beatbox performances, break dancers, freestylers and 2K-playing consoles. Some of these will be open to public with special prizes already waiting for their new owners.

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