Aruca Experiences 3on3 Weekend

16 April 2012
3on3 Tour

3on3 in Arucas, Gran Canaria
The 3on3 tour on Gran Canaria concludes on 20 and 21 April in Las Palmas.

In the smallest city of the 3on3 Gran Canaria tour, Aruca, people were treated with extraordinary performances by the participants on Friday and Saturday.

Fans of 3on3 basketball as well as pedestrians that came by the Casa de la Cultura (house of culture) in Aruca were witnessing fine-technique, precise shooting and athleticism as the last teams booked their spot in the master final in Las Palmas on 20 and 21 April.

Framed by another Streetflavour entertainment show and a local cheerleader group, the games saw three teams take it all in their age categories.

In the infantile age group (under 14), GrancaBra Guauche defeated Granca Jabatoloco 9-6 while the under 18 category had their champions in the Crazy Boys.

On senior level, only one point separated the teams after the buzzer as Dajo Team edged Veloricio Informatica 13-12.

FIBA Europe 3on3 Manager Robert Rieblinger was more than content with the Aruca tournament.

"Even in small places like Aruca the enthusiasm for 3on3 basketball is huge," he stated.

"I would like to thank our friends here on Gran Canaria, who again perfectly organised the tournament."

The Gran Canaria tour, an initiative of the Council (Cabildo) of Gran Canaria, started out as a side event that was held in conjunction with the FIBA Europe Techno Centre official opening on 24 February.

The initiative that has developed in a tour of six events had the full support of the Municipality of Las Palmas and the University of Gran Canaria, who are also patrons of the Techno Centre.

The Cabildo financed the event in full and requested the assistance of FIBA Europe 3on3 Manager Robert Rieblinger in organising it.

The 3on3 Gran Canaria tour has seen four stops on four different venues from city centre to beach so far and will peak in the master final when it returns to Las Palmas which also hosted the first FIBA Europe 3on3 event on the island.



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