Anti-Doping Rules And Procedures

Rules and procedures:

FIBA Europe is responsible for the following areas:         

1. Organisation of doping tests for all FIBA Europe competitions

2. Whereabouts information for FIBA Europe competitions that are part of the FIBA RTPs

3. Educational programmes and distribution of anti-doping material for anti-doping controls

4. All applications for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) should be done through FIBA


FIBA internal regulations governing Anti-doping (issue 2010)


List of Prohibited substances
You can download the current WADA Prohibited List here

Download detailed statistics data here

Doping Control Station
You can download a detailed description of a doping control station here

First Aid Facilities
You can download a detailed description of requirements for first aid facilities in sports venues here

Anti-Doping Control Room