Technology Meets Basketball

13 September 2007

There are few areas of the world of sports where high technology has not found a home in the last decade.

At EuroBasket 2007 fans have enjoyed live scoring, streaming video and other features that make watching games more and more of an interactive experience. 

Meanwhile, players and coaches study and analyse opponents using digital-video interfaces and follow diets specifically designed for them and the sport they play.

Now FIBA Europe has brought high tech to the world of officiating with the introduction of Digital ScoreSheet, software which marries game video to the official score sheet, greatly reducing the possibility of errors during the game.

The product was developed by a team of software specialists from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria under the guidance of FIBA Europe Referee Co-ordinator Miguel Betancor with the intent of giving officials the opportunity to accurately record the score and actions of the participants and allow the analysis of the referee performance afterwards.

The tool simultaneously digitises a feed of the game and assigns each action recorded in the score sheet to the video. This provides a valuable and irrefutable record to support the scorekeepers, and allows officials to view clips during the game of specific points of interest or contention, to ensure accuracy.

On 14th September at 16:30, FIBA Europe Referee Co-ordinator Miguel Betancor will meet with the media in the press conference room at Palacio de Deportes to discuss the technology and take questions from the media.


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