FIBA Europe Meet With UBE

15 January 2007

FIBA Europe, basketball’s highest decision-making body on the continent, met today with representatives of UBE, the European Basketball Players Association, in Munich, Germany to discuss ULEB’s plan to oblige all Euroleague and ULEB Cup players to sign a standard contract.

As stated in the contract between FIBA Europe and ULEB and according to FIBA and FIBA Europe regulations, ULEB does not have the authorisation to force clubs and players to sign such a contract.

Nar Zanolin, George Vassilakopoulos, Giuseppe Cassi and Walter Palmer
FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin, FIBA Europe President George Vassilakopoulos, UBE President Giuseppe Cassi and UBE Secretary General Walter Palmer
FIBA Europe and the UBE share the same position, which is that ULEB has proceeded to impose a standard contract without the consultation of any of the involved parties, including FIBA, FIBA Europe, UBE, the players and clubs.

“We are alarmed by this situation,” said FIBA Europe President George Vassilakopoulos.

“We have a close relationship with UBE and we had a profitable and detailed discussion with them today about the possible ramifications of ULEB’s standard player’s contract.”

“We are glad to be cooperating with FIBA Europe to stop the imposition of the ULEB standard player’s contract and thereby improve the working conditions for European players,” said UBE President Giuseppe Cassi.

“We are sure that we can continue working positively with UBE and we are hopeful of bringing all parties to the table in order to find a solution to this issue,” said Vassilakopoulos.

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