Ekaterinburg: The Week That Was
As the dust settles on the EuroLeague Women Final Eight, it's time to review a super week of action in Ekaterinburg.
EuroLeague Women Week 14 Review
Another EuroLeague Women regular season is in the history books and the final week of action didn't disappoint as several clubs kept us guessing right up until the last moments.
EuroLeague Women Week 13 Review01.02.2013
EuroLeague Women Week 12 Review25.01.2013

Taylor Made

Ros Casares Leave A Gap
In two months, all the air has been let out of the balloon in Valencia, Spain, as the city has gone from celebrating Ros Casares' EuroLeague Women title in Istanbul to mourning the loss of a team.
Change And Challenge
One thing great teams must do to remain competitive is to undergo change. Three EuroLeague Women clubs to do so in recent times have been Sparta&K M. R. Vidnoje, Ros Casares and Bourges Basket.
Award Comes At Good Time For Alba
Alba Torrens is only 22 years of age but has already experienced a career's worth of highs and lows.
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By The Numbers

By The Numbers: Paint It Purple
The EuroChallenge has new kings in the form of BG Gottingen, who left very little doubt on who's the best team in the competition. In front of thousands of their fans the team of Coach John Patrick brought a historical European title to the club.

This was the third match between the new champs and the runner ups of Krasnye Krylia, and the facts say Gottingen won that unofficial series 2-1 but after losing in overtime in Russia and avenging with a 21 point win in the second leg the finals was just an official stamp on who's the best team in the 2010 edition of the EuroChallenge. Here are the numbers that tell the story of the big final day.
By The Numbers: Semi-Final Edition
The big Semi-Finals night sent for the first time in the EuroChallenge history a team from Germany to the title game, with a chance to become only the third German team to win a European title, after BG Gottingen used a huge second half to eliminate Basket Roanne. 

Krasnye Krylia became the first team out of Russia to reach the gold medal game since 2006 but has a chance to bring a second European title to the city of Samara after the Eurocup Challenge trophy from 2007. 
By The Numbers: Four Teams, Four Countries31.03.2010
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