FIBA Europe Referee Coach Certificate - FERCC


The FIBA Europe Referee Coach Certificate is designed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Referee Instructors in Europe and is aimed at those Referee Instructors who wish to be appointed to FIBA Europe events as FIBA Europe Referee Coaches. It will be launched in September 2012.

The programme will include a wide range of components based upon the knowledge and understanding of the rules, mechanics and teaching skills. The focus will be on the ability to deliver the core components of the FIBA Europe Referee Department Teaching Materials and the methodology required for consistency and success.

The FERCC will be a unique and progressive referee instructional programme incorporating the knowledge and skills of the Referee department staff, guest lecturers/experts, FIBA Europe Techno Centre and a diverse range of teaching and technological tools.

The programme, using continuous assessment, will provide an opportunity for Referee Instructors to undergo a period of training in the presentation and delivery of the FIBA Europe Referee Department teaching philosophy to include:

KNOWLEDGE and understanding of:
• The philosophy of the game of basketball in FIBA Europe
• Official Rules, Interpretations and Mechanics
• Physical preparation and Nutrition
• Presentation and Teaching skills - Pedagogy
• Online education methodology - "B learning"
• Evaluation and Feedback skills
• Ability to communicate and motivate

Interactive workshops will give Referee Instructors the opportunity of presenting their knowledge and ideas to each other, with discussion and feedback as part of the process. FIBA Europe Referee Coach candidates will have to complete a pre-clinic Home Study book as part of their application assessment.


FERCC Programme

The Referee Instructors who wish to be considered for the FIBA Europe Referee Coach Certificate Programme have to be proposed by their Federations in order to make their application to the FIBA Europe Referees Department.

Candidates should include in their application letter, evidence of the following:
• Ability to organise and present referee education resources
• Effective development of national officiating programmes
• Enthusiasm and effectiveness in teaching and learning skills - Pedagogy
• Physical and Nutritional Programmes for Referees
• Psychological skills - Communication and Presentation
• Guidance of FIBA Referee Candidates and FIBA Referees
• Knowledge and practical experience of recent officiating technology
• Computer skills (including online teaching and video-editing ) - "B learning"
• Competence in written and spoken English

The successful candidates will be selected for approval, after completion of the Home Study Book, by the FIBA Europe Referees Department.

The registration deadline for applications will be announced at the beginning of the year in which each Certificate programme begins in. Applications should be sent by e-mail to the FIBA Europe Referees Department.