2002/2003 European Club Competitions - 184 Clubs Registered

21 July 2002

The President and the Executive Director of FIBA Europe met with the Managing Directors of the FIBA Europe South, North and West Conferences on the occasion of the European Championship for Junior Men in Stuttgart, Germany to discuss FIBA Europe's club competitions for the 2002/2003 season.

The representatives at the meeting reaffirmed FIBA Europe's role to organise and promote continental club competition for all of the 50 national federations of FIBA Europe.

39 European national federations have registered a total of 184 clubs for the FIBA Europe Champions Cup, the Regional Challenge, the EuroLeague Women and the FIBA Europe Cup Women. This represents an increase from the 2001/2002 season in which 164 clubs from 31 national federations registered for European club competition.

The deadline for the clubs to register directly with FIBA Europe is the 24th July 2002, after which all participants will be announced.

The draws for the Champions Cup and the FIBA Europe Cup Women will take place on 30th July 20002, in Vilnius, Lithuania (North), Sofia, Bulgaria (South) and Munich, Germany (West). The draw for the EuroLeague Women will take place on 6th August 2002 in Munich, Germany.

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