The Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation

The Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to the diffusion and promotion of Basketball.

Through the International Center of Documentation and Research of Basketball, the Foundation promotes the recovery of the cultural heritage of the s

Main Entrance
The Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation
port of basketball.

The Foundation is both supported and recognised by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) as well as other organisations such as the International Olympic Commitee (IOC), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC), all national federations, etc.

Since its creation in 1991 the Foundation has organised numerous exhibitions and has been the venue for many renowned speakers from the world of basketball including as Juan Antonio Samaranch, Raimundo Saporta, George E. Killian, Borislav Stankovic, Brian McIntyre, Charles M. Newton, Jaques Rogge and Patrick Baumann.

Pedro Ferrandiz with FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann

Photographic competitions, sculpture and painting biennials, promotion of research, grants, the organisation of camps, courses, screenings, tournaments, congresses and over a hundred publications are the result of tireless work.

In February 1996 the President of the International Olympic Committee opened the permanent headquarters of the Foundation in Alcobendas. A modern building specificaly designed to house the basketball museum, whose outstanding feature is a dome resembling a basketball.

The headquarters is open to the public throughout the year (from 9:30 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 20:00 hours) and guided visits for tours can be arranged.

On entering the museum the visitor starts a journey through the history of basketball guided by an extraordinary collections of basketballs, medals, trophies, stamps, tickets, insignia, shirts, toys, posters and more.

The jewel in the crown of the Foundation is the Samaranch Library, the biggest library in the world dedicated to basketball. It currently contains over 8,000 volumes and 996 magazine titles from over 70 countries in 36 languages. A total of 2,173 programmes, newspapers and varied documents complete a collection of extraordinary value.      

The Ferrandiz Library

In January 1998 six basketball courts giving free access to the public were built on land adjoining the headquarters and in the year 2000 the municipal Pavillion Pedro Ferrandiz was opened giving the Foundation unbeatable facilities for the organisation of any sporting event.

In 2002 the AS – Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation Forum was established which tries to address the fast and furious world of sport though a series of conferences and discussions.

After 12 years of existence the Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation has become a reference of international standing, a living example of the care of history and the cultural aspects of sport with the mind concetrated on the present and the sight on the future.  

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Trophy and medal exhibition


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