Media Advisories

2014 Youth Events Media Accreditation Now Open10.06.2014
U20M and U18M Media Accreditation Process Now Open28.05.2014
EuroChallenge Final Match Pack26.04.2014
EuroChallenge Semi-Finals Match Pack24.04.2014
EuroChallenge F4 Media Accreditation Now Open03.04.2014
EuroChallenge and EuroLeague Women Press Kits17.03.2014
EuroLeague Women F8 Media Accreditation Open04.03.2014
EuroChallenge and EuroLeague Women Press Kits24.02.2014
EuroLeague Women RS Week 13 Press Kit18.02.2014
EuroChallenge Last 16 Week 5 Press Kit17.02.2014
EuroLeague Women RS Week 12 Press Kit11.02.2014
EuroChallenge Last 16 Week 4 Press Kit10.02.2014
EuroLeague Women RS Week 11 Press Kit04.02.2014
EuroLeague Women RS Week 10 Press Kit28.01.2014
EuroChallenge Last 16 Week 3 Press Kit27.01.2014
EuroLeague Women RS Week 9 Press Kit21.01.2014
EuroChallenge Last 16 Week 2 Press Kit20.01.2014
EuroLeague Women RS Week 8 Press Kit14.01.2014
EuroChallenge Last 16 Week 1 Press Kit13.01.2014
EuroLeague Women RS Week 7 Press Kit17.12.2013
EuroChallenge RS Week 7 Press Kit16.12.2013
EuroLeague Women RS Week 6 Press Kit10.12.2013
EuroChallenge RS Week 6 Press Kit09.12.2013
EuroLeague Women RS Week 5 Press Kit03.12.2013
EuroChallenge RS Week 5 Press Kit02.12.2013
EuroLeague Women RS Week 4 Press Kit26.11.2013
EuroLeague Women RS Week 3 Press Kit19.11.2013
EuroChallenge RS Week 3 Press Kit18.11.2013
EuroLeague Women RS Week 2 Press Kit12.11.2013
EuroChallenge RS Week 2 Press Kit11.11.2013
EuroLeague Women RS Week 1 Press Kit05.11.2013
EuroChallenge RS Week 1 Press Kit04.11.2013
EuroBasket Women Online Statistics Service15.06.2013
Youth Championships 2013 Accreditation Now Open03.06.2013
Media Accomodation Reminder - EuroBasket 201323.05.2013
EuroBasket 2013 Accreditation Deadline Extended01.05.2013
EuroChallenge F4 Final Press Kit27.04.2013
2013 EuroChallenge Final Four 25.04.2013
EuroChallenge F4 Semi-Finals Press Kit25.04.2013
EuroChallenge F4 Accreditation Now Open03.04.2013
EuroBasket 2013 Accreditations Reminder31.03.2013
EuroLeague Women F8 Final Press kit23.03.2013
EuroLeague Women Semi-Finals Press Kit21.03.2013
EuroChallenge Quarter-Final Play-Offs Game 3 Press Kit18.03.2013
2013 EuroLeague Women Final Eight16.03.2013
EuroChallenge Quarter-Final Play-Offs Game 1 Press Kit11.03.2013
EuroLeague Women Play-Offs Game 3 Press Kit26.02.2013
EuroChallenge Last 16 Week 6 Press Kit25.02.2013
EuroLeague Women Play-Offs Game 2 Press Kit21.02.2013
EuroChallenge Last 16 Week 5 Press Kit18.02.2013