2013 EuroChallenge Final Four

25 April 2013

Media Accreditation Pick-up

Media who have received confirmation of their accreditation at the 2013 EuroChallenge Final Four can pick up their credentials at the Accreditation Centre of Karsiyaka Arena, Cahar Dudayev Bulv. 6521 Sok. No. 21, 35540 Izmir.

Working Hours of the Accreditation Centre:
26 April, 09:30 - 18:00
27 April, 09:30 - 18:00
28 April, 09:30 - 18:00

Working Hours of the Press Centre:
26 April, 14:00 - 24:00
27 April, 13:00 - 21:00
28 April, 14:00 - 24:00


Post-game Mixed Zone

Post-game interviews should only be contacted at the designated Mixed Zone or following the official Press Conference.

Interviews on the court will NOT be allowed (except for Rights Holders' flash interviews).

The Official Post-game Press Conference will take place approximately 15 minutes after the end of each game.

Please, note that the Mixed Zone and the Official Press Conference of the Final will take place only AFTER the Award Ceremony.


Non-Rights Holders News Access

Please note that Non-Rights Holders are NOT PERMITTED to record video or audio of game action or the closing ceremony.

Non-Rights Holders can record post-game interviews at the Mixed Zone and/or the Press Conferences.

Filming at training sessions is allowed during the Media minutes (15 minutes at the end of each session).


MVP Ballot

All accredited journalists will have a chance to vote online for the tournament MVP. An email with a voting link will be sent to the email accounts you have registered in your FIBA Europe Media Centre profiles.

Voting must end before the final whistle of the Final Game. Votes received after that time will not be taken into account.


Photographers' areas

Designated photographers' areas will be installed behind the baselines.

Movement between the two sides will only be allowed during half-time and after games.


Photographers at the Closing Ceremony

Please note that court access for photographers after the end of the Final game will be limited to the designated zone in front of the scorers' table.

No other media will be allowed on the court. The Local Organising Committee and the FIBA Europe Press Officers will inform all accredited media accordingly.


Training Sessions

A complete list of training sessions is available through the Media Centre. Please, logon to your account at to check it out.

There is a 15-minute period between training sessions when the media can contact interviews, and record photos and video (Media Minutes).

If a training session is closed no media will be allowed to enter the session before the Media Minutes.


Royalty Free Photos from the Final Four

Members of the media can download and use a restricted number of royalty-free pictures from this year's EuroChallenge Final Four, available through the FIBA Europe Online Database.

You can access the database on

Username: media
Password: wearebasketball

A search mask enables you to search specifically for teams, players, coaches, competitions and many more.

Please make sure you respect our guidelines for non-commercial use of the images and credit pictures accordingly.



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