Media Accreditation For EuroChallenge Final Four 2012

30 March 2012


The Media accreditation procedure for the EuroChallenge 2012 Final Four in Debrecen, Hungary, 27 - 29 April, is now open.

To apply, please log on to your FIBA Europe Media Centre account or create a new one at

Please note that requests for accreditations will be accepted only online, via the Media Centre. Email, fax or unsolicited written requests will not be considered.

Deadline: The deadline for applying for media accreditation is 25th April, 2012.

Final Four Venue:
Fonix Hall
Kassai u. 28
4028 Debrecen
Capacity: 7000
Nearest airport: Budapest  (238 km)

Recommended Hotel:
4032 Debrecen,
Oláh Gábor utca 5.

Further information:
If you require further information please contact the Press Officer of the Local Organising Committee, Mr Andras Farago


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