The Board of FIBA Europe

The supreme authority of FIBA Europe is the General Assembly consisting of all 52 national federation members. The General Assembly meets once a year and in between these sessions all power is delegated to the Board of FIBA Europe, whose members each serve a 4-year term. 

The board consists of the following 25 members, elected by the General Assembly:

The President, with an original and a casting vote

The Treasurer

23 members

The First Vice-President and the Second Vice-President who shall be elected by the Board from amongst the 23 members.

The FIBA Executive Director Europe is entitled to attend the meetings of the Board with consultative powers only.

The number of members on the Board having the same nationality and voting rights, excluding the President, is limited to one.

There must be at least two female members with voting rights on the Board of FIBA Europe.

The Board meets at least twice a year and as well as the members the following persons are invited to attend.

  • The European Presidents of the World Permanent Commissions who are not members of the Board;
  • The Presidents of the European Permanent Commissions, who are not members of the Board;
  • A representative of the European Association of Basketball Coaches and the President of the World Association of Basketball Coaches if he is European;
  • A representative of the European Zone of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation and the President of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation if he is European.

Duties of the Board
The Board of FIBA Europe shall have the power to:

  • Elect four members to represent FIBA Europe on the Central Board of FIBA;
  • Elect the First Vice-Presidents from amongst the 23 members;
  • Control the affairs of FIBA Europe and issue the necessary instructions;
  • Assign the organisation of European competitions, the Finals of the European Club Competitions and various clinics, as well as to form groups and hold the draw for the European Championships and other European competitions;
  • Define the organisational structure;
  • Appoint and dismiss the FIBA Executive Director Europe;
  • Consider and decide on the FIBA Executive Director Europe's long-term strategic plan and the annual working plan;
  • Determine the financial policy, approve the budget and financial reports as prepared by the FIBA Executive Director Europe, and approve the audited accounts as prepared by the Treasurer and the auditors;
  • Adopt, modify and repeal any other regulations of FIBA Europe.
  • Appoint an external auditor;
  • Change the location of the headquarters of FIBA Europe.

Executive Committee
If, between the sessions of the General Assembly and the Board of FIBA Europe, an urgent situation arises that does not allow for the decision of one of its divisions to be implemented and/or requires an immediate decision, the Executive Committee is authorised to take a decision.

The Executive Committee shall consist of:

a) The President.
b) The three Vice-Presidents. The Vice-President having the most seniority in the Board of FIBA Europe shall replace the President if necessary.
c) The Treasurer.
d) The 4 (four) members appointed by the Board of FIBA Europe.

To take such a decision, the Executive Committee may consult with the members of the Board or the national federations by any means necessary. It shall, without fail, inform the Board of FIBA Europe of its decision in writing as soon as possible and, if necessary, the national federations.


European Board Members Term of Office 2014 – 2018


 Mr Turgay Demirel
(TUR) Turgay Demirel, FIBA Europe President
FIBA Executive Director Europe:  

Mr Kamil Novak


(CZE)Kami Novak, FIBA Europe Secretary General
Mr Karl Thaller
(AUT)Karl Thaller, FIBA Europe Treasurer
 Mr Cyriel Coomans
 Cyriel Coomans (BEL)
Mr Dino Meneghin 
 Dino Meneghin (ITA)
Mr Oleksandr Volkov
Oleksandr Volkov (UKR)
Mr Andrei Kirilenko
(RUS) Andrei Kirilenko
Mr Grzegorz Bachanski(POL) Grzegorz Bachanski (POL)
Mr Tor Christian Bakken(NOR) Tor Christian Bakken (NOR)
Mr Dejan Bodiroga
(SRB) Dejan Bodiroga (SRB)
Mr Ivan Bodrogvary
(HUN) Ivan Bodrogvary (HUN)
Mr Cyriel Coomans
(BEL) Cyriel Coomans (BEL)
Mr Mirsad Donlagic
(BIH) Mirsad Donlagic (BIH)
Mr Zeljko Draksic
(CRO) Zeljko Draksic (CRO)
Mr Harun Erdenay
(TUR) Harun Erdenay (TUR)
Mr Georgi Glushkov
(BUL) Georgi Glushkov (BUL)
Mr Hannes Jonsson
(ISL) Hannes Jonsson (ISL)
Mr Dino Meneghin
(ITA) Dino Meneghin (ITA)
Mr Jose Luis Saez
(ESP) Jose Luis Saez (ESP)
Mr Jean-Pierre Siutat
(FRA) Jean-Pierre Siutat (FRA)
Mr Edgars Sneps
(LAT) Edgars Sneps (LAT)
Mr Mindaugas Spokas
(LTU) Mindaugas Spokas (LTU)
Mrs Carmen Tocala 
(ROU) Carmen Tocala (ROU)
Mr Oleksandr Volkov
(UKR) Oleksandr Volkov (UKR)
Mrs Wallin-Kantzy
(SWE) Lena Wallin-Kantzy (SWE)
Mr Ingo Weiss
(GER) Ingo Weiss (GER)
Mr Jiri Zidek(CZE)Jiri Zidek
Mr Antti Zitting
(FIN) Antti Zitting (FIN)
Mr. Asterios Zois(GRE) Asterios Zois (GRE)
Executive Committee:
Mr Turgay Demirel
Mr Karl Thaller
Mr Cyriel Coomans
Mr Dino Meneghin
Mr Oleksandr Volkov 
Mr Jean-Pierre Siutat
Mr Jose Luis Saez
Ms Lena Wallin-Kantzy
Mr Ingo Weiss

The Board of FIBA Europe term of office 2014-2018
The Board of FIBA Europe, term of office 2014-2018