Clinic At Nordic Champs A Success20.05.2015
FIBA Europe Assists Irish Clinic23.04.2015
FIBA Europe Assists English Clinic22.04.2015
FIBA Europe Holds Clinic in BIH22.04.2015
Richardson Attends Referee-Clinic in Poland26.09.2014
Scottish Refereeing On The Up03.09.2014
Non-Euro Refs Learning, Feel At Home02.08.2014
Sharing The Knowledge Of Officiating17.06.2014
FIBA Europe Hosts Succesful Clinic06.06.2014
FIBA Europe Attends Antwerp Clinic09.04.2014
FIBA Europe Attends Georgian Clinic01.04.2014
IWBF Europe Technical Delegate Clinic20.02.2014
European Officials Prominent At U17 WCs14.02.2014
Strong European Presence At World Cup13.02.2014
Luxembourg Mid-Season Clinic Concludes20.01.2014
FIBA Europe Present At Tallinn Clinic07.01.2014
Irish Referees Hold Annual Conference11.11.2013
FE Presence At IWBF Refresher Clinic25.10.2013
F.Y.R Of Macedonia Refresher Course17.10.2013
Sledz Runs Successful Austrian Clinic11.10.2013
Icelandic Referees Learn From Best08.10.2013
Ukrainian Officials Looking Ahead01.10.2013
Referee Profile29.06.2013
Week Two Completed In Gran Canaria04.06.2013
Referees Attend Stockholm Clinic03.06.2013
First 2013 Las Palmas Clinic Concludes31.05.2013
New FIBA Europe Software In The Works09.05.2013
Referee Refresher Clinic10.04.2013
Busy Schedule For Referee Department26.03.2013
Europe Meets Asia In Japan19.02.2013
Referee Education In Malta18.02.2013
Referees On Course05.02.2013
Tallinn Referees Clinic Wraps Up08.01.2013
Referee Clinic In Baku A Great Success08.11.2012
FIBA Europe Supports Bulgaria Clinic14.10.2012
FIBA Europe At Clinic In St. Petersburg11.10.2012
Kiev Plays Host To Season Preparations08.10.2012
Vienna Clinic Gets FIBA Europe Support04.10.2012
FIBA Europe At FYR of Macedonia Clinic27.09.2012
FIBA Europe Supports Swiss Clinic17.09.2012
Referees Gather At Clinic In Israel12.09.2012
FIBA Europe At Referee Clinic in Norway10.09.2012
First Gran Canaria Clinic Concludes29.06.2012
Refresher Clinics In Freising Close05.06.2012
Second Refresher Clinic Concludes31.05.2012
FIBA Europe At Nordic Cup 201223.05.2012
Refresher Clinic Under Way In Munich04.05.2012
2012 Referee Candidates In Mannheim10.04.2012
FIBA Europe In Budapest03.04.2012
FIBA Europe Meets With The PGMOL19.03.2012
FIBA Europe At Referee Clinic In BIH14.03.2012
European Referees Honoured In 2012 Nominations09.03.2012
Betancor At Semaine Des As In France22.02.2012
FIBA Europe At Scotland Referee Seminar21.02.2012
Referees In Georgia, The Magnificent 10 20.02.2012
FIBA Europe Visits Serbia03.02.2012
Betancor Shares Knowledge In Japan Clinic26.01.2012
FIBA Europe In Belarus23.01.2012
FIBA Europe Delivers Birmingham Clinic19.01.2012
Top Marks For Baltic Sea Cup Clinic18.01.2012
FIBA Europe At Basque Clinic09.01.2012
FIBA Europe, Oceania Extend Cooperation14.12.2011
ANJB International Clinic In Portugal02.11.2011
Referee Clinic In St Petersburg10.10.2011
FIBA Europe Supports Russian Referees27.09.2011
EuroBasket's 25th Team Is Ready To Go31.08.2011
Three Continents, One Game21.07.2011
Observer Takes Referees To ‘Space Age’20.07.2011
Referees Don’t Take Anything For Granted16.07.2011
Observer Programme Making Waves04.07.2011
Observers Keep EuroBasket Rendezvous25.06.2011
Observing Quality25.06.2011
EuroBasket Women Referee Meeting16.06.2011
Observer Programme Expands To IWBF09.06.2011
Gran Canaria Clinic A Huge Success07.06.2011
Jankov Impressed By ‘Perfect’ Clinic06.06.2011
Second Stage Underway In Las Palmas04.06.2011
Clinic Presentations Available Online03.06.2011
Gran Canaria Clinic: A Look From The Outside01.06.2011
Half-Time At Gran Canaria Clinics31.05.2011
Next Stop Mannheim For Sibenik’s Best20.04.2011
Croatia Clinic Breaks Records18.04.2011
Piet Leegwater Passes Away07.04.2011
Referee Education DVD Reaches Oceania04.04.2011
Oceania Refs Gain Experience In Europe18.03.2011
Referee Coaching Group Reviews Progress28.02.2011
Curtain Comes Down At Gaziantep Clinic 15.02.2011
Candidate Clinic Underway In Turkey07.02.2011
FIBA Europe Experience Benefits Handball06.12.2010
FIBA Europe Referee Department Activities25.10.2010
European Refs The Necessary Ingredient18.10.2010
Norway Annual Clinic A Success 11.10.2010
Alan Richardson At Scottish Referees Seminar29.09.2010
European Refs Are The Gold Standard20.09.2010
Referee Department Gets Assist In 2010 FECC24.08.2010
FIBA Europe Technology Assist To The Wheelchair Game20.08.2010
Austrian Officials Use U20 Event To Evaluate Progress03.08.2010
Hamburg Hosts Referee Meeting28.07.2010
Betancor Shares Experiences With Handball Federation02.07.2010
FIBA Europe Referee Department Building For The Future21.06.2010
FIBA Europe Works With Young Referees In Latvia18.06.2010
Eight Referees Added To Euroleague List17.06.2010
The Class Of 201110.06.2010
Referee Department Uses Nordic Cup As Teaching Opportunity26.05.2010
Qualified Success For FIBA Referee Candidates20.05.2010
Betancor Lends A Hand14.05.2010
Julien Goes Out With A Bang16.04.2010
Richardson: Never Stop Learning02.04.2010
FIBA Europe, FIFA Team Up05.03.2010
Howell Offers Helping Hand In Sweden19.02.2010
FIBA Europe Referee Department Works On Teaching Materials15.02.2010
Referees Gear Up For Season In Poland02.10.2009
Flying Start For Finnish Officials01.09.2009
FIBA Europe And FIBA Americas Continue Collaboration24.08.2009
FIBA Referee Department At Work07.08.2009
Nunez Keeps One Foot In Referee Game06.07.2009
Observers Make A Difference For Referees19.06.2009
Referees Work Hard To Ensure Quality Officiating18.06.2009
17th Team Well Prepared For EuroBasket Women09.06.2009
Referee Builds On Youth Camp Experience22.05.2009
Newest Teaching Material For Referees Released 12.07.2007
FIBA Europe Continues Support For Officiating04.05.2007
Give That Ref An Oscar17.11.2006
Referee Department Launches New Teaching Materials28.09.2006
FIBA Europe Opens Referee Centre In Russia25.09.2006
FIBA Europe Gets Digital26.05.2006
FIBA Europe Working With Russia To Improve Officiating08.05.2006
FIBA Europe And FIFA At the Forefront Of Referee Education21.10.2005
Referees Hard At Work On and Off The Court10.08.2005
Referees: Julien Moves to Top Flight22.10.2004