Referee Department Gets Assist In 2010 FECC

24 August 2010
FIBA Europe Referee Instructor Alan Richardson took time out from his job in supporting the referees at the U18 European Championship Men in Vilnius, to make some key presentations at the 2010 FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate (FECC).

Richardson included on and off the court presentations of the new 2010 Rules and Interpretations, as well as reflecting on the key aspects of officiating in the game, with FECC mentor Svetislav Pesic, FIBA Europe Coaching Department coordinator Michael Schwarz and the current class of FECC participants looking on.

"The Coaches were very pleased with the interactive action where the rules and interpretations for October 2010 were not only explained with graphics but also with on court demonstrations," said Richardson.

"The question and answer sessions in both the classroom and the gym were very productive and Michael Schwarz was of the opinion that future cooperation between referees and coaches should continue. I absolutely agree with this and was great to have Michael making a presentation from the coaches' angle at our recent Referee Instructors meeting in Las Palmas."

Coach Pesic was delighted to be involved with the delivery from the FIBA Europe Referee Department as he has also been involved in recent clinics aimed at improving referees knowledge of the game.

"It was a great presentation for my coaches, with very clear explanations and demonstrations," commented Pesic.

Asked afterwards about the experience all participating coaches had only words of praise about what they saw and heard.

"The interaction between media and explanation was very good. The practical session was excellent for clear understanding of the new rules," Portugal's Eugenio Rodrigues said afterwards.

Greece's Dimitris Avdavis added: "He [Richardson] explained very clearly the new rules in a way we could easily understand. He clearly loves the game."

His Estonian colleague Mart Raam confessed that the meeting enhanced his knowledge about what's forthcoming in the game. "I was unsure about the new rules would affect the coaching I do but now I understand very clearly," he said.

Richardson's main task in Vilnius was to work with the referees of the U18 Championship, along with colleague and former FIBA referee Davorin Nakic of Croatia.

It's a long tournament and we were constantly reviewing the job of the referees and pushing them to improve," commented Richardson. "The group we had there varied in terms of experience, we had young referees, and others who had already officiated Olympic games and World Championships. With a tournament of this calibre, it was a great opportunity for all of the referees to learn, no matter what their experience to date."




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