Gran Canaria Clinic A Huge Success

07 June 2011

The NBAs Tommy Nunez (left) and Ronnie Nunn (right) with FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor
Tommy Nunez (left) and Ronnie Nunn (right) of the NBA with FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor during a session at the Gran Canaria clinic

The 2011 Clinic for Potential Referees and National Instructors closed last weekend and the FIBA Europe Referee Department announced that it was the most productive set of meetings since their inception.

Head of Operations for FIBA Europe Miguel Betancor commented: "The quality of what we are providing continues to improve and we have offered a wider range of instruction and support this year. So long as we recognise that quality is the key, we will be able to balance this with our busy daily schedules. We have already identified areas to work on in 2012, and we have a great core of staff and volunteers who continue to help us move officiating forward.

"Our long-term collaboration with the NBA and members of its staff, the introduction of the FIBA Europe Techno Centre and our inaugural meeting of FIBA Europe UNIVERSITAS will all have a positive impact on our work in officiating and wide range of other areas of basketball in Europe.

"The presentations from Juan Ferrer, Jose Sanchez and Alejandro Vaquera offered invaluable information for all of us.

"The other presentations by Ronnie Nunn, Tommy Nunez and Kosta Jankov were equally important in adding to our game and officiating knowledge. As Ronnie Nunn commented to the group, we have to bring together the science and art of officiating, to have the best decisions on the court."

Also present were the eight referee coaches will be once again be working with the younger FIBA referees in Europe. Each was provided with copies of the latest Observer Programme to use in conjunction with the tournaments that the will attend this summer, and also for video analysis of the referees in their care in the forthcoming season.

Richard Stokes from the FIBA Europe Referee Department added: "The work of our team will also mean that we have our best ever Teaching Materials being released in the coming weeks, and focused pre-tournament meetings for the officials in both EuroBasket events where all of our current technology will also be utilised."

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