Half-Time At Gran Canaria Clinics

31 May 2011
NBA Director of Officials Ronnie Nunn with FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor
NBA Director of Officials Ronnie Nunn with FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor

The first of two clinics for Europe's National Referee Instructors and Potential Referees has just finished on Gran Canaria, Spain.

The annual clinic tipped-off last Friday, with referees, instructors and staff collected together from around the world.

Alan Richardson from the FIBA Europe Referee Department commented, "This is another step in our support and development of officiating in Europe. As we ask the referees and instructors to improve each year, so must we, so we have added some new aspects to the clinic this year, with lectures from business and life coaches, as well as giving a different perspective for improving our game knowledge".

Also in attendance for the second and third year respectively were Ronnie Nunn and Tommy Nunez, both former NBA referees. Both gave lectures to each group on the importance of Standards in Officiating and Criteria in Officiating.

One of the new elements this year was the introduction of Juan Ferrer, President of the Canarias Basketball Federation, but also a professional business coach. He spoke to the Instructors about the importance of Coaching individuals and how to communicate in the best way.

"For us it is really important to continuously raise the level of the clinic from year to year" commented FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor.

"Bringing in external specialists and new technologies is a big part of this development and I am proud that great experts and people like Ronnie Nunn are coming back every year.

"We are starting the future now."

FIBA Europe also looked outside basketball again inviting Jose Sanchez, who has previously

FIBA Sports Director Lubomir Kotleba at the Gran Canaria Clinic
FIBA Sports Director Lubomir Kotleba also addressed the instructors and referees during the Gran Canaria Clinic

worked with FIFA referees. His lecture on Energy and Communication was very well received and was rated highly amongst the participants.

Over the 3 days the referees were also put through their paces on the court, with games and direct feedback. This was combined with video feedback concentrating on mechanics and positioning as well as play calling and criteria.

One of the next projects for the Referee Department is the launch of the 2011 Teaching Materials, that have again been produced in co-operation with FIBA Americas.

The participants were able to see the Draft Version at first hand while the final version will be distributed at the beginning of July.

From June 1-5, the second group of potential referees and national instructors will complete the clinic and prepare for the highest demands in European basketball.



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