FIBA Europe Referee Department Activities

25 October 2010

Assisting the National Referee Associations around Europe is, of course, part of the daily routine for the FIBA Europe Referee Instructors but their expertise and experience is recognised around the world. 

It comes as no surprise then, that the FIBA Europe Referee Department was represented at the Pre-Season Clinic of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Referees Federation by FIBA Europe Instructor Alan Richardson.

Alan Richardson at Saudi Arabia Referees Federation
Alan Richardson at the Saudi Arabia Referees pre-season clinic

Alan discussed at length the 2010 Rule Changes and Interpretations and also performed on court demonstrations concerning the changes to Three Person Officiating.

The 55 referees also participated in Problem Solving Workshops with simultaneous translations into Arabic by KSA National Instructor Mansour Ahmari. The event was supported by the SABSPORT organization.


FIBA Europe Potential Referee Coaches Group Meeting 

Closer to home, the FIBA Europe Potential Referee Coaching Group held a meeting at the FIBA Europe office in Munich to discuss the current and future issues concerning the group's programme.

Items discussed included the Potential Referees currently being coached and the progress achieved to date.

A large part of the meeting was taken up with a demonstration and explanation of the new FIBA Europe Video Report system technology to be used initially by the PRG Coaches and ultimately by Instructors, Observers and Commissioners.

This will enable referees to receive video feedback and performance analysis within 24 hours after a game.

It was also agreed at the meeting to make a proposal to the European Technical Commission to create an accreditation system for National Instructors who wish to become certified FIBA Europe Instructors.  



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