Second Stage Underway In Las Palmas

04 June 2011
NBA Director of Officials Ronnie Nunn with FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor
NBA Director of Officials Ronnie Nunn giving a lecture during the clinic

The second edition of the 2011 clinic for Potential Referees and Instructors got underway in Gran Canaria on June 2, with another group of referees and instructors gathered from around Europe.

As with previous editions, there were also guests from outside of Europe with a referee and the national instructor attending from Tunisia, a FIBA Africa zone member.

In addition, a number of national referees from Austria, Serbia and Turkey worked alongside their already qualified FIBA colleagues.

The second clinic followed a similar format like the previous edition the week before, but the referees in this group had the unique possibility to listen to former NBA referee and supervisor of officials, Ronnie Nunn, who was joined by his former colleague Tommy Nunez, also from the NBA.

"What FIBA Europe is doing here with this young group of referees is great. I really believe that they are leading the way in the fundamental teaching of mechanics and play calling. Many of the referees here and especially the younger ones have good basic skills and this is great to see." Commented Ronnie Nunn

Both Nunn and Nunez were courtside for the practical sessions with local teams, to give first hand advice and comments to the officials.

FIBA Europe Competition Coordinator Richard Stokes
Richard Stokes was more than happy about the presence of his colleagues from the NBA

Richard Stokes from FIBA Europe added, "Having the feedback from Ronnie and Tommy gives the referees another angle and another opinion. Sure the NBA rules are different, but their comments on contact, advantage/disadvantage and basic play calling, are no different from what we teach. In fact it is also a great opportunity for us to understand what the NBA officials are doing to see if anything is transferable or applicable within the FIBA mechanics framework. The other aspect is that all of our Instructors here have been able to listen and see the feedback offered, which gives this other group a different dimension as well.

Tommy Nunez will also be part of the officiating group that travels to Poland later this month to help prepare and support the officials at EuroBasket Women.

The second edition of the 2011 clinic for Potential Referees and Instructors concludes on Saturday June 4.

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