Vienna Clinic Gets FIBA Europe Support

04 October 2012

Luigi Lamonica Vienna referee clinic September 2012
Luigi Lamonica and participants at the Vienna referee clinic in late September

International referee Luigi Lamonica was the high-profile guest lecturer of the two-day clinic for Referees and Commissioners in Vienna at the end of September.

A big part of the intensive clinic was based on the FIBA Europe Teaching Materials for 2013.

On the first day, Saturday 22 September, the Italian referee gave two lectures to an audience consisting of local Vienna and southern Austria referees.

The topic of the first lecture was Physical and Mental Game Preparation while the second lecture focused on Players' Behaviour and Conflict Management.

On Sunday the Referees and Commissioners of the Austrian Bundesliga - men's first and second division - and the women's first division were also in attendance.

The first lecture of the final day examined further aspects of Physical and Mental Game Preparation while the second lecture went into more detail on several topics, such as Criteria for Tactical and Unsportsmanlike Fouls, Post Play, and Behaviour Management.

The assistance of FIBA Europe National Instructor Christoph Rohacky was invaluable on both days.

Luigi Lamonica Vienna referee clinic September 2012
Christoph Rohacky and Luigi Lamonica analyse clips from the FIBA Europe Teaching Materials 2013

Lamonica and Rohacky made use of the FIBA Europe Teaching Materials for the new season, analysed several video clips to better illustrate the points made during the lectures.

"The general opinion about the situations shown on the clips was that the viewing was very useful in developing the criteria of the referees," commented Lamonica.

"The attendees had many constructive questions which helped the discussion and assisted the entire group of participants in analysing the criteria of the rules.

"In particular the session with free questions from the referees was very interesting and Game Management proved to be the most requested topic," the Italian referee added.

The Vienna clinic concluded with the standard theoretical test on the Rules of the Game and a fitness test.




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