New FIBA Europe Software In The Works

09 May 2013
Tommy Nunez Observer softaware
Referee instructors will benefit from the use of the new Observer Software

FIBA Europe has announced that it has commissioned a new range of software, as part of the push to support the growth of the game of basketball through the use of technology.

This new technology is build around the established FIBA Europe Stats Suite, FIBA Europe's own solution for statistics and online live scoring, currently used in all FIBA Europe competitions as well as in FIBA Americas competitions and domestic leagues in more than 10 European countries.

The first in line is software optimised to function as an instant replay facility at basketball events.

This new software is currently undergoing the final stages of development and is expected to make its debut at EuroBasket Women 2013, in France, 15-30 June.

Following that event it will become available, entirely free of any license fees, to all of FIBA Europe's 51 member Federations, to use at their events.

FIBA Europe has also commissioned Observer Programme software. It provides similar functionality as the Instant Replay tool but is optimized to support the work of referee coaches / instructors.

Its development is expected to be completed in the second half of 2013.

In the Observer Programme, real time video footage will allow referee coaches and instructors to easily save video sequences / clips and analyze certain game situations at a later stage.

Its development is expected to be completed in the second half of 2013.

It will also be made available free of license fees to all 51 member Federations.

Last but not least there is a third phase of development which, among others, includes an improved tool for combining statistics and video. It allows coaches or the media to easily find specific video sequences of a game such as all shots of a particular player.

These exciting projects are expected t oadd to the prestige of the FIBA Europe member Federations.

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