Referee Education DVD Reaches Oceania

04 April 2011

Vicente Bulto, Elena Chernova - World Championship Women Final
European referees, like Elena Chernova and Vicente Bulto who officiated the World Championship Women Final, receive unrivalled training and gain experience that can assist their Oceania colleagues

FIBA Europe, in collaboration with FIBA Americas, authored the Teaching Materials For Referees DVD in 2010.

Now FIBA Oceania has received the innovative multimedia teaching tool and supplied copies to every one of its member Federations.

FIBA Oceania thanked both FIBA Europe and FIBA Americas for their generosity in providing this outstanding resource free of charge to the Oceania zone.

"This high quality DVD will help officials right across the zone, whether on their own knowledge of the game or educating other referees," said FIBA Oceania Secretary General Steve Smith.

"Once it arrives to the Federations, I encourage them to copy the DVD and distribute it widely to referees, referee educators, leagues, clubs and schools.

"With the Pacific Games looming, it is important that all of the referees attending that event are up-to-date with the rules and interpretations.

"It would also be beneficial for the coaches of the National teams to be given a copy as their knowledge of the rules is sometimes lacking at the international level," the Secretary General suggested.

Access to resources such as the DVD is valuable to referees, but the FIBA Europe Referee Department acknowledges theoretical knowledge alone is not enough, as referees from Oceania get relatively few chances to gain experience at the top international level.

That is why FIBA Oceania is increasingly looking to Europe in its bid to improve the level of referees from the zone.

Only recently, FIBA Europe invited three referees from Oceania to officiate in European Youth Championships this summer, hoping that they will be able to benefit from the vast experience of European referees.

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