Referee Department Launches New Teaching Materials

28 September 2006

Following the Instructor clinics held in Gran Canaria earlier this summer, FIBA Europe's Referee Department has now distributed its new teaching materials for referees to all 51 federations.

These materials include three DVD's and three CD's covering:

Video Test
2PO Mechanics
3PO Mechanics
Play Discussion (2 disks)
Play Situations

All National Instructors have been given permission to reproduce these for use in their own clinics and as part of their own training for national referees and FIBA Europe has already assisted a number of federations in delivering this material at pre-season clinics.

"In the last few weeks we have visited a number of federations to help them prepare their referees for the 2006-07 season, part of this has included the presentation and distribution of the FIBA Europe Referee Teaching Materials," said Referee Department co-ordinator Miguel Betancor.

"This is important as we must also assist the federations not only in the development of their International Referees, but also in the development of their national referees and officials, this includes commissioners and observers, and in the future we hope to include table officials."

"In compiling the material for this season we reviewed over 1,000 different video clips from the FIBA Europe Competitions, in order to find the best examples, and also generate discussion on the game and different situations. That is why we included 2 disks with various plays, the promote discussion about officiating and the way the game is being played."

Europe was well represented in the recent World Championships, by its referees as well as its teams and a total of 27 referees from Europe participated in Japan and Brazil.

However while Betancor is pleased with this, he also feels that Europe must work even harder to produce the next group of officials, even before they make it to the international stage.

"These materials are for all officials, we need our referees to work in the same way in every game, not just at the top level. We owe it to the participants, to give our best, and we must work to be consistent in  all of the Youth and Senior Competitions across Europe. We are here to provide a service and support to those federations that request our help, no matter what the level."

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