FIBA Europe Works With Young Referees In Latvia

18 June 2010

The FIBA Europe Referee Department visited Kandava, Latvia this week to assist in a clinic for young referees from Latvia and Belarus.

Richard Stokes was on hand to assist in discussing the new rules for 2010 and participating as a lecturer during the clinic.

"As these were primarily younger referees, we focused on communication, mechanics and game management. We also discussed their preparation for the games and there was a chance to see the referees each afternoon in some game situations," commented Stokes.

"This is the first time we have worked with the referees here since 2005, but they have some talented and committed people who will hopefully continue to develop into even better referees in the future. Some of them have already been to the Scania Cup in Sweden where we also support the referee programme."

The FIBA Europe Referee Department staff will also participate in a clinic for referees in Hamburg, Germany during the last weekend of the U17 World Championships.  Miguel Betancor, Richard Stokes and Alan Richardson will all be lecturers at the clinic, along with FIBA Sports Director Lubomir Kotleba.


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