Busy Schedule For Referee Department

26 March 2013

Richard Stokes speaking at the Referee and Commissioner Refresher Clinic in Freising, Germany
Richard Stokes was very satisfied with the recent referee clinic in Ekaterinburg

The recent EuroLeague Women Final Eight in Ekaterinburg proved the perfect opportunity for referees to improve and refresh their officiating.

The referees nominated to adjudicate at the climax of the women's elite competition profited from FIBA Europe referee instructors Alan Richardson and Davorin Nakic, who were on hand with daily meetings and direct feedback after each game in DIVS Arena.

However, the FIBA referees were not the only ones to benefit. An additional clinic took place in the city with referees, commissioners, table officials and coaches all attending to hear about the latest trends and developments within international officiating.

Approximately 40 people attended the clinic which was addressed by FIBA Europe Secretary General Kamil Novak.

Working in conjunction with Sergey Fomin, the National Referee Instructor for Russia, Richard Stokes, Head of the FIBA Europe Competitions and Referee Department, delivered a set of presentations aimed at improving the communication and game management issues that exist between referees and the participants.

"It was good to see a real cross section of people, not just referees at this clinic. There were also some really young referees and coaches which bodes well for the future of basketball in this region," Stokes commented.

"Sergey Fomin and the Russian Federation have been very progressive in the last five years and we have been heavily involved in supporting their educational programmes for officials. I know they also have new plans for the future and we look forward to working with them on these where we can."

"There were a number of really good questions from coaches and referees during the meeting, which reflects the high level of interest and depth of knowledge that already exists. Hopefully we have added to this during our time here in Ekaterinburg," he concluded.

The next stop for the FIBA Europe Referee Department is Georgian capital Tbilisi.

On Wednesday, Richard Stokes will lead a joint regional workshop, organised by the Georgian Basketball Federation and the Georgian Basketball Referee Union.

During his stay in Tbilisi, Stokes will also meet with Georgian Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth Tamaz Tevzadze.

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