Referee Coaching Group Reviews Progress

28 February 2011

FIBA Europe Referee Coaching Group Meeting in Munich, February 2011
The FIBA Europe Referee Coaching Group discussed issues in relation to the new generation of officials during its meeting in Munich

FIBA Europe's Referee Coaching Group met in Munich for two days in February, to review the progress of its next generation of officials.

The meeting, which was led by Richard Stokes and Alan Richardson, discussed plans for the forthcoming clinics in Las Palmas, Canary Islands in the summer.

Most importantly, Miguel Betancor, the FIBA Europe Referee Co-ordinator, spoke to the group on the importance of the correct teaching philosophy and what the aims and goals must be for the next 18 months. "Our learning must be continuous, both on and off the court. But this doesn't only apply to the referees; we will be asking our Referee Coaches and National Instructors to increase their range of knowledge in teaching and supporting our referees in Europe."

The group reviewed its work during the last 12 months and looked forward to the support it will give to a new batch of referees who have ‘graduated' from the Candidate Clinic that was completed in Mannheim in 2010. Although these referees are already active in FIBA Europe's Club and National Team competitions, all of them will be once again put under the spotlight this summer at the many youth competitions around Europe.

"All of the Referee Coaches will be attending these tournaments as Instructors, as well as some of our own staff", commented Richard Stokes.

FIBA Europe Referee Coaching Group Meeting in Munich, February 2011
FIBA Europe Referee Co-ordinator Miguel Betancor stressed the need for learning to be a continuous process at all levels

"These tournaments give us a great opportunity to get to know the referees, know their personality and of course their potential to improve to another level.

"In recent years we have seen a large number of former Potential Group referees go on to tournaments at the highest level around the world. Therefore we strongly believe in this project and the work of our coaches, as well as the commitment of the referees."

The clinics for National Instructors and Potential Referees will take place in Las Palmas, starting at the end of May. The staff has previously included Tommy Nunez and Ronnie Nunn from the NBA referee staff, plus a number of specialist speakers.

"We have to keep working to improve what we provide. As the game evolves, so must our officials, but we must also be more sophisticated in the support we provide. We have a number of projects in the pipeline that will ensure that we are at the forefront of development in officiating," commented Betancor.

The Referee Coaches for 2011-12 are:

Tomislav Jovancic (SRB)
Victor Mas (ESP)
Davorin Nakic (CRO)
Alan Richardson (ENG)
Roger Schwarz (GER)
Uli Sledz (GER)
Alessandro Teofili (ITA)
Rui Valente (POR)

Each Coach will be responsible for a number of referees, from a total group of 43 officials.



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