First Gran Canaria Clinic Concludes

29 June 2012

The participants of the Potential Referee and Instructor Clinic gathered the latest updates on various subjects
The participants at the Potential Referee and Instructor Clinic were exposed to interesting concepts on a variety of subjects

The first clinic for Potential Referees and National Instructors on Gran Canaria has concluded.

The clinic was held from 22 - 24 June 2012 in Las Palmas.

73 referees and instructors from across Europe gathered to hear the latest updates and ideas across a wide range of subjects.

The clinic included lectures as well as feedback on practical officiating in games between both local and international teams, who were present to prepare for the forthcoming U17 World Championship.

The guest speakers included Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso, and former NBA referee Tommy Nunez.

One of the instructors at hand was Peter Carey, who joined the Australian National Basketball League as Referees Manager in 2010.

It was Carey's first cooperation with the FIBA Europe Referees Department and he was pleased to accept the invitation.

"My impressions of the clinic are fantastic", Carey said.

"The lecturers all show great passion for basketball. They present new ideas and new concepts.

"It is all about giving and receiving information."

Although the mechanics of the game in Europe are different to those in Oceania, Carey knows what characteristics every referee should have.

Consistency and composure are the qualities he mentions first.

"Apart from knowing the rules, a top referee needs to have a feel and understanding for the game.

"He should be able to manage critical situations and keep his composure under pressure."

Carey spotted numerous candidates on Gran Canaria eager to make it to the top.

Patience is the virtue he values the most.

"Officiating at the games here and getting immediate feedback by the experienced referees helps the young ones to improve," Carey added.

The second clinic for Potential Referees and National Instructors on Gran Canaria is underway and will conclude on Sunday.

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