Newest Teaching Material For Referees Released

12 July 2007

At the recent Clinic for National Instructors in Gran Canaria, the FIBA Europe Referee Department presented the latest set of teaching materials, that will support the national federations in the training and development of both national and international referees.

Refereeing Co-ordinator Miguel Betancor presented the materials over the 3 day clinic.

"These materials are the result of reviewing over 1,000 game situations in European and World level competitions, for both clubs and National Teams.

"This is by no means the finished article, but each year our materials are improving in both quality and the situations that we can find.

"The difference this year is that we have also looked directly at some aspects that we have not covered before, but are very important for those officials wishing to work at the high level. With this in mind we have included a section specifically on management of the game."

He added, "Almost every one of the 52 European countries was represented by national instructor, and this is essential if we are to have a consistent approach across all competitions".

As well as the instructors, a number of 'Potential Referees' also attended the clinic in two groups.

For the first time a group of young referees from Russia were also included, as part of an ongoing project between FIBA Europe and the Russian Federation.

Betancor commented, "It is our job to support not only the international referees, but the national referees in every country. This year we had a group from Russia, last year a referee from Asia attended as part of his preparation for the world Championships. We have to continue to support the national and international elements of officiating if we are to keep pace with the changes in the sport."


30.04.2016 - FIBA EUROPE CUP
30.04.2016 - FIBA EUROPE CUP

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