FIBA Europe, FIFA Team Up

05 March 2010

FIBA Europe Referee Co-Ordinator Miguel Betancor, Director of CEAD (Centre for Education of Officiating in Sport) is participating in the FIFA seminar for those referees and assistant referees who will participate in this year's World Cup in South Africa.

The venue for this meeting is the same one used by FIBA Europe for its instructor and referee clinics in Gran Canaria.

FIBA Europe Referee Co-Ordinator Miguel Betancor addresses FIFA officials,
In this recent seminar FIFA used all of the old and new technologies that will be used in the World Cup to work with its top officials.

This is the same technology that FIBA Europe will be using in the future with its observers and coaches who work with basketball's top European officials. These technologies include a Virtual Training Tool and an Instant Feedback Tool, which will be new technologies in South Africa, and used by FIBA Europe in the future.

CEAD which has been working with FIBA Europe over the last few years, has also prepared a video server for the FIFA instructors, to allow instant access to game video from any of the World Cup games. A version of this will also be used by FIBA Europe alongside the Digital Score Sheet in future events and tournaments.

The use of the video server, allows the games from a number of different venues to be accessed from a number of different sites. Therefore when communicating and debriefing FIBA Europe referees, this can be made centrally rather than in isolation in each city.

The big advantage is the sharing of information or plays, that can allow the officiating in events organized by FIFA and FIBA Europe to be much more cohesive, based on the team approach from instructors and officials alike.

The system allows all of the instructors in all of the venues to see all of the plays from the games, plus the referees also have access to the plays by category if needed. As an example it is possible to select every free kick decision from the games, to review and analyse these.

This seminar was the culmination of four years of preparation, with 96 officials attending this final meeting before the World Cup.

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