Tallinn Referees Clinic Wraps Up

08 January 2013
The participants at the 4th Referees Clinic in Tallinn, Estonia, January 2013
The participants at the 4th Referees Clinic in Tallinn, Estonia, January 2013

The 4th Referees' Clinic was held in Tallinn, during the traditional Baltic Sea Basketball Cup tournament, 3-5 January.

A total of 16 young talented referees from Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden were involved in the seminars while national instructors from each country helped to run the event.

The clinic is traditionally supported by FIBA Europe and was led by the FIBA Europe Instructor William Jones.

"Once again the Estonian Basketball Federation has provided excellent facilities, creating a very good learning enviroment," commented Jones.

"With the aid of the FIBA Europe teaching materials the emphasis was on communication and game management, creating a family atmosphere and working together with the organization, the table officials, the teams and all participants.

"With this high standard of organization we look forward to an excellent U20 Men European Championship Tournament this summer."

The Baltic Sea Basketball Cup (BSBC) is a basketball tournament for youth national teams that started in 2005. The participating countries have traditionally been Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Latvia with their U18 and U16 men and women national teams.

Latvia proved the most successful in the 2013 edition, earning top honours in two categories.

2014 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Tallinn event.

You can read more about this year's BSBC here.

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