Foreign Adventure Suits Estonian Pair

08 May 2005

Estonian duo Gregor Arbet and Kristian Kangur insist they both intend to carry on playing abroad, despite neither man being offered a new contract by their respective German Bundesliga clubs.

Arbet spent his season with Wurzburg, who finished second bottom in the Bundesliga standings and were relegated to the second division, while the 22-year-old Kangur played for Bayer Leverkusen, who finished in 13th position.

Both men are adamant they want to continue their basketball educations overseas.

"I would not want to leave after just one year abroad," 21-year-old Arbet told Estonian daily SL Ohtuleht.

If I get more offers, I hope to carry on playing abroad
Gregor Arbet
Kangur echoes his countryman's sentiments.

"I did all right here and if I get more offers, I hope to carry on playing abroad. 

"I wouldn't mind coming back home, but to be honest I did not come here for just one year," he said.

"I would like to stay and do better, and Germany would be a very good place to carry on playing."

Even though Arbet's team were relegated and found itself in financial difficulties, Arbet has more reason to be satisfied with his season in Germany than Kangur.

Arbet was one of the mainstays of the Wurzburg team, playing an average of 17 minutes and scoring 6.6 points per game.

"I could always do better, but I am satisfied," Arbet said.

Kangur's statistics were less impressive - playing on average just 10 minutes and scoring 3.9 points per game in an injury-troubled season.

I still can't quite understand why I got so little playing time
Kristian Kangur
"I still can't quite understand why I got so little playing time," Kangur said. "I wouldn't say that I did worse than others in training.

"After Christmas I didn't get any playing time at all for couple of games and I even thought about returning to Estonia, but fortunately I did not rush into a decision."

According to Arbet some German clubs have shown interest in signing him for next season but he has not been offered a contract yet.

Kangur remains hopeful that Bayer will extend his contract although he accepts this will not happen before they hire a new head coach.

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