Wójcik Breaks 10,000-Point Barrier

09 March 2012

Adam Wojcik after scoring his 10,000th point in the Polish league
Adam Wojcik (in a rain of confetti) after scoring his 10,000th point in the Polish league

No basketball game has ever been decided just four minutes and 11 seconds after tip-off.

The most memorable moment though of a single game, of an entire career even, can come at any given time.

For Adam Wojcik, this moment came on Wednesday night, with 5:49 remaining in the first quarter of the Slask Wroclaw vs. PBG Basket Poznan game for the Polish league.

At that point in the game, the 42-year-old forward/center scored his third basket on the night with a low-post move many big guys half his age would envy.

That moment was the reason most fans had come to watch the game. In fact, it was a historical moment for the whole league.

The Wroclaw player had just scored his 10,000th point in the Polish top flight.

Right on cue, Wojcik was presented with a special jersey with the number 10,000 on it and numerous awards to mark the occasion, before being crowned by the Wroclaw cheerleaders in the middle of the court.

The former Polish international's professional career spans over 25 years and his already impressive point tally could have been even higher had he not spent 5 seasons playing abroad, in Belgium, Greece, Spain and Italy.

Wojcik first played with the senior national team in 1991, at the EuroBasket in Italy, and his last appearance with the Poland shirt was at EuroBasket 2009, in his native country.

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