Ramla Is Title Town In Israel


4. Shay Doron (Elitzur Ramla)
Israel international Shay Doron is over the moon after Elitzur Ramla's third title this season, especially because it means there will be another great party in town!

There must be something special about winning the EuroCup Women because for the second year in a row, the team that pulled off the feat also swept all before them on the domestic scene.

Sony Athinaikos prevailed in the Greek Cup, EuroCup Women and Greek league in 2010 and Elitzur Ramla pulled off the feat in 2011 in Israel.

That was assured at the weekend when Adan Inbar's team swept Maccabi Ashdod 3-0 in the Israeli play-off championship.

It meant they had won all three post-season games against Elitzur Holon, all three games against Ramat Hen and all three against Maccabi Ashod.

Elitzur Ramla have the State Cup, the EuroCup Women and the league trophy.

"We made history," Ramla's Laine Selwyn said.

"We worked hard throughout the season, so I really think that we deserve it.

"It's always nice to win another title, especially for the fans and for this team."

Fellow Ramla guard Tanasha Wright said: "I'm excited for Israel, for the city of Ramla, for the girls.

"When I spoke with Adan in the summer, I couldn't have known this would happen at the end of the season.

"I dreamed it would end like this. We worked so hard throughout the season to get trophies."

Just as the other titles triggered big parties for Elitzur Ramla, so did the league championship.

"Here in Ramla we know how to celebrate," Ramla's Israel national team guard Shay Doron said to Basketball World News.

"Every win was so special and every party was more and more fun.

"We have memories that will last forever and we made history in our small country!

"I love all my teammates and wish them luck where ever they will play next and hopefully we will play again together one day in the future!"

For Ornit Schwartz, who is retiring as a player, it was a perfect ending.

"All year we worked hard, now it's time to unwind, rave, drink and enjoy," the 31-year-old said.

"This is the hardest season I had in my career, but also the best team I played on.

"We did something amazing."

Inbar was finding it hard to take in.

"I am the happiest person in the world," he said.

"It's a great feeling of satisfaction and of course, it could not happened without the squad of these amazing players."

Ramla power forward Le'Coe Willingham, meanwhile, has done nothing but win of late.

She helped the Seattle Storm win the 2010 WNBA title before joining Ramla.


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