Siutat Re-elected As FFBB President

11 December 2012
French Basketball Federation President Jean-Pierre Siutat at the draw in Paris
Jean-Pierre Siutat  has been revoted to the position of French Basketball Federation President

On Saturday, the general assembly of the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) re-elected FIBA Europe board member Jean-Pierre Siutat as President.

The 53-year old will now lead one of the biggest European Federations for a four-year cycle until 2016.

184 delegates, representing the 4,456 registered clubs as well as all licence holders voted in a secret vote with the respectable result of 98.5% of votes in favour of Siutat, who was the only candidate.

Together with Siutat, the other 35 members of the board were also elected.

Siutat replaced Yvan Mainini as the FFBB President after the latter became the President of the Basketball World Governing Body, FIBA in 2010.

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