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14 July 2012

Austria international Rasid Mahalbasic blogs on as the national team of the Alpine nation is getting ready for the EuroBasket Qualification Round


24. Rasid Mahalbasic (Austria)
Rasid Mahalbasic is working out on his own to be in perfect shape when he comes back to the Austrian national team

Hi everyone,

The first national team camp starts soon and I am also getting a little nervous when thinking about the upcoming months.

We will kick-off our preparations with several medical tests to see if we are all in good shape.

Because of my injury, I am a little concerned about the outcome of the tests.

On the other hand I am also looking forward to the results, because I am working hard by myself every day to get back into the best shape I can be.

That is why I feel that I am more than ready for my comeback with the national team, although it will be a hard challenge.

I spent the last four weeks working on strengthening my legs.

Furthermore, I was working out in the gym as well as outside on the running-track. The hot summer days made the workout even harder.

However, I am ready to go over the top to achieve my goals and to take this opportunity and give my best, because I believe that you won't get much more opportunities like this in your life again.

Our main focus will be to play as a team and use all our abilities to help each other.

Because of the fact that Austria doesn't have top players like other nations, we have to play together as a team, offensively and defensively, to be successful.

However, we have to face the reality that we are not expected to make the top two in our group.

That is why we are able to play without pressure and give our best to convince everybody of the opposite.

If we play with passion and intensity, we might be able to win most of our home games.

If we can win two more away games on top of that, we can make it to Slovenia in 2013.

I am going to do everything possible to make my dream come true.

See you soon,


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