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10 June 2013
Kamile Nacickaite, Gossip Girl

Kamile Nacickaite is heading into her first major tournament with Lithuania's senior national team. The small forward from Siauliai who last season played for C.U.S. Chieti in Italy, is part of a young but hungry squad who enjoy their time on and off the court.

Kamile will regularly feature on to gossip about her experiences at EuroBasket Women 2013 in France and the road that led her there. You can follow her on twitter (@SpecialK23_) and youtoube (

Hey guys,

Thought I could share my day on the national team with you:

9:00 - Breakfast. Ordinary morning for us. Woke up and ran to get breakfast, well pancakes with bananas(everybody's favorite). Nobody wants to come last and miss out on them:)

11:00 - 12.30 - Morning practice. Our coach likes to make us run a little bit after the day off also we learned a few more plays, did some shooting.

13:30 - Lunch. Pasta and chicken is the meal we get before the game, as most athletes know...

14:00 - Nap time! But before me and my roommate HAVE to play each other in this game called 'Running with friends' to figure out who is better.. Only after that we can relax haha

17:00 - Snack

17:20 - Left our hotel for the game

19:00 - GAME TIME - Played a friendly game against Japan and lost by 8 points :/ they shot extremely well, so we couldn't keep up with them. Made 11 out of 17 three pointers so that explains a lot. Although we could've played better defence.

21:30 - Dinner - Therapy and massage after in Migle's (our physiotherapist) room. She's like our good luck charm :) The whole team gets together in her room, kinda like team building.
And that's how our day ends...






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