A Summer With Sara

26 June 2012

Sara Krnjic

Sara Krnjic is on her first run with the senior Serbian national team. The center has participated in as many as seven Youth European Championships from U16 to U20.

Sara will regularly feature on to share her experiences of travelling and playing around Europe, as Serbia try to qualify for EuroBasket Women 2013 in France.

Hey guys,

We are currently in Kragujevac preparing for our 4th game.

As you probably know we are 1-2.

Our first game was in Montenegro. It was our first official game against them since we separated into two different countries!

Serbia head coach Marina Maljkovic
Serbia head coach Marina Maljkovic has a team with good chemistry as Serbia fight hard to qualify for EuroBasket Women 2013

It was pretty intense in the gym, the crowd got heated, so it was hard to play in Cetinje. We lost!

It was a different story in second game at home.

We made a lot of mistakes, but we beat Switzerland.

It felt so good to play in front of our own crowd, our family and friends.

And then we went to Poland. We had a hard time to get to the hotel. We changed two flights and once we landed there was a big surprise!

The bus wasn't there. We sat at the airport for about an hour and then we just took taxis.

The game was interesting. We were up almost the whole game, but sadly we lost in the last seconds!

When we landed in Belgrade the president of the basketball federation of Serbia (Dragan Djilas) welcomed us and told us to keep our heads up. We really felt honored!

Our chemistry is getting better every day. On Monday we went to Jey Milo (aka Jelena Milovanovic) family's home for lunch.

It was a great time for team building and we had a lots of fun!


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