Estonia: Ehitustööriist Look To Sokk It To Opponents

01 June 2005

New champions Ehitustööriist are aiming to recruit Estonian national team coach Tiit Sokk for next season - although the club may be known by a different name.

Ehitustööriist, the firm that sponsor the club are changing their company name, which means that the team will be called something else by the start of the next campaign.

"The firm that is sponsoring us - Ehitustööriist - will change its name, so we will definitely change ours as well," director Ivar Valdmaa told SL Õhtuleht.

Ehitustööriist are celebrating the title in Estonia, which they secured at the weekend with a 66-55 victory in Game Seven of the championship series over TU/Rock.

Howard Frier led the title winners with 16 points, and it was a fantastic first half which saw them to victory as they outscored TU/Rock 22-12 in the second quarter to lead 38-27 at half-time.

Valdmaa admits that while the club's interest in Sokk is genuine, he senses the experienced coach may choose a different destination.

"We have talked about it, but I think he is going to choose the new unified team of Audentes and Nybit," Valdmaa told SL Õhtuleht.

He (Dorbek) will definitely carry on as a coach
Ivar Valdmaa
Although Ehitustööriist would like to bring Sokk to the club, Valdmaa insists that it would be to work alongside coach Allan Dorbek and not to replace him.

"He (Dorbek) will definitely carry on as a coach, maybe even the head coach." Valdmaa added.

"But there is a thought that we could add someone with even more experience. Maybe even someone from abroad."

Dorbek, who has guided the club to their first ever championship, told SL Õhtuleht that getting Sokk to coach Ehitustööriist was partly his own idea.

"Nothing goes on here without me knowing about it," he said.

"I am not saying that I would have to stay as the head coach. I am happy with anything that the club directors decide as long as it is for the benefits of the club."

Valdmaa revealed that the board are working towards making the club stronger and expanding their budget so that they can be more competitive in the Baltic league next season.

"Some players should be changed," he said.

American Howard Frier, who was named as the league's best player this season, would like to remain with the club next year.

I enjoyed playing in Ehitustööriist and my time spent in Estonia
Howard Frier
"I'd like to stay," Frier told Eesti Päevaleht.

"I enjoyed playing in Ehitustööriist and my time spent in Estonia. The people are nice here, the atmosphere in the club is fantastic and players all very considerate."

According to Valdmaa the club have not yet spoken with Frier about his contract.

"He will stay in Estonia for a couple of days longer, so we will have time to talk about it. He had a great season," he said.

Ehitustööriist will also be retaining the services of Spaniard Victor Gonzales who joined the team in November.

"He wasn't very strong in the beginning," Valdmaa told Eesti Päevaleht.

"We had a long discussion with the club directors and the coach's opinion was very important too. "We decided to keep him and it seems that it was a right decision.

"Those players (Gonzales and Frier) didn't cost millions, we just let them play."



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