Prof. Nenad Trunic

Prof. Nenad Trunic

2006 - Ph. D. for Management of basketball training technology

2010 - Head Coach U17 men Serbia, 5th pl. at WC U17 in Hamburg 

2008/09 - Head Coach U16 men Serbia, 3rd pl. at EC U16 in Kaunas

Since 2008 - Chief of Technical Staff of Serbian U18 NT

Responsible for training planning procedure and strength & conditioning coach

Since 2008 - Member of Experts Committee of Serbian Basketball Federation

Since 2004 - Manager of Sports Coaches Study Group and professor on the College of Sports and Health, Belgrade
FIBA Europe Coaching Lecturer


Aysim Altay (Human Behavioral Consultant & Trainer)
Dr. Sasa Jakovljevic
Dr. Johannes Scherr (Nutrition & Anti-Doping Expert)
Brian Biagioli (S&C Expert)
Dr. Duncan French (Strength & conditioning expert)
Rob Meurs (†)