Ledarforum 2006 Coaching Clinic Takes Place In Sweden

17 May 2006

Sweden is making a commitment to developing young talent, as evidenced by the organisation of the country's first-ever youth coaching clinic.

The Ledarforum 2006 was held at the Swedish National Sports Complex in Bosön, Stockholm with 220 coaches in attendance.

The inaugural event was designed as an opportunity for youth coaches to learn and exchange coaching fundamentals.

The coaching clinic featured a number of lecturers from various disciplines to address the basketball coaches.

Former national team coach Janez Drvaric led an on-court clinic
Former national team football coach Tommy Söderberg dealt with leadership, former national team basketball coach Janez Drvaric led an on-court clinic which demonstrated the Slovenian youth basketball programme, Swedish Ice Hockey Federation representative Björn Pettersson spoke about the positive environment for a youth player and Swedish Olympic Committee Development Manager HC Holmberg addressed youth development in sport.

“I think the Swedish Basketball Federation did a tremendous job in bringing in recognisable personalities to address youth basketball coaching,” said FIBA Europe Coaching Coordinator Michael Schwarz, who was also one of the lecturers.

Along with outlining the various activities of the FIBA Europe coaching department, Schwarz previewed the coaching web site and its functionalities, which will become available this summer.

“The response was very positive,” he said.

“The coaches are looking forward to having the web site available as they feel it will serve as an important resource, particularly for inexperienced coaches,” Schwarz said.

Besides the coaching clinic, the Swedish Basketball Federation hosted six national teams, which included 18 national team coaches.

As a result, the participants were able to see the highest level of coaching and players in their country. This also provided the ideal setting for an exchange as the participants were able to interact and learn from the national team coaches and players.

“The Ledarforum was very well organised and I think their approach is right on target,” Schwarz said.

“What they are doing is very good for Swedish basketball. They have a great combination that allows coaches to speak with other coaches as well as with players.

“In addition, they are doing a great job at emphasizing the importance of youth coaching - not just coaching superstars. This goal is shared by the FIBA Europe Coaching Department.”

The organisation for the clinic was led by Swedish Basketball Federation Secretary General Lena Wallin and National Teams Director Per Källman.

It’s success was evidenced by the fact that the Ledarforum will now be taking place on an annual basis.

 “FIBA Europe will play a more active role by providing support in the future,” Schwarz said.



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