Georgian Basketball Community Suffer Extended Period of Mourning

09 February 2004

The Georgian Basketball community experienced tragedy recently with the loss of former star Zurab Sakandelidze. They have been rocked with a new tragedy today with the news of the death of Mikheil Korkia who suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 55.

Korki, a 196cm forward, was a teammate of Sakandelidze both with club side Dinamo Tbilisi and the Soviet Union national team. His career included a gold medal in the 1968 USSR championship with Tbilisi and several national team honours.

He was a member, along with Sakandelidze, of the famous 1972 Olympic basketball team which inflicted on the USA its only defeat in Olympic basketball history. He also won a further bronze medal at the 1976 Games, as well a silver medal at the 1973 and bronze at the 1975 European Championships.

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