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03 July 2012

Austria international Rasid Mahalbasic blogs on as the national team of the Alpine nation is getting ready for the EuroBasket Qualification Round 

24. Rasid Mahalbasic (Austria)
Austria's Rasid Mahalbasic does not want holidays this summer, he is looking forward to preparations for the EuroBasket Qualification Round

Hi everyone,

The time has come and the preparations for the EuroBasket 2013 Qualification Round are starting soon.

We are going to start our first practice camp in Steinbrunn (in Austria) on 15 July.

I am very excited for the upcoming events and workouts, especially because I had to take off two months from basketball, because of my injury.

I am looking forward to play against the teams in our group: Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine and Cyprus.

Each team has top players in their roster this year. My team and I will have to face top players like Roko Leni Ukic, who is currently, from my point of view, the best point guard in Croatia and also in the top 10 in Europe.

Additionally, his teammates, like Bojan Bogdanovic, Ante Tomic and Damir Markota are going to be a big support for the Croatian national team.

Not only Croatia, but also Ukraine is going to be very competitive.

The last time that Austria had the chance to play against one of these top teams, Ukraine, was in 1993, where our team had to abandon the field with the score of 100-71.

Regardless, we are trying to do our best and play on their level.

With our coach Neno Asceric, who is coaching us for the last couple of years, we made a big step in the right direction to reach our goals.

Furthermore, we have also added young and talented players to our roster, like Moritz Lanegger and Anton Maresch, who are going to help the team to the best of their abilities.

In combination with some more experienced players like Davor Lamesic, Christoph Nagler and Jason Detrick, we hope to improve our game and achieve our goal to win some games and make it to the EuroBasket in 2013.

Best regards from Austria,


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