3on3 Is Rolling!

03 August 2011
FIBA Europe 3on3
The FIBA Europe 3on3 trucks were set to leave for their first destination, the Slovenian capital Ljublijana

The 1st FIBA Europe 3on3, which includes among others an International Competition and a Slovenian Open Tournament in Ljubljana on Friday and Saturday, is already rolling - quite literally!

Two trucks loaded with all the necessary equipment left the FIBA Europe headquarters in Munich on Wednesday with the capital of Slovenia as their final destination.

The FIBA Europe 3on3 trucks are transporting baskets with integrated shot-clocks, the flooring for all courts, digital scoreboards, tents for the organisers and the VIP, basketballs, shirts for the Local Organizing Committee Staff and the referees as well as promotional material such as inflatable tubes, advertising boards, an archway and huge basketballs.

FIBA Europe provides all the equipment, while the Slovenian Basketball Federation is organising the tournament on the ground.

"The 3on3 concept focuses on the people," said FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin.

"The main aim of the 1st FIBA Europe 3on3 is to bring basketball to the people, to get them actively involved in the game.

Next stop Ljublijana: the FIBA Europe 3on3 trucks

"The role of FIBA Europe and our Slovenian Federation partners in this is to provide them with everything necessary to do so," concluded the Secretary General. 

Anyone who wishes to participate, regardless of age, gender or their degree of previous involvement with basketball, will be given a fantastic opportunity in Ljubljana.

Teams from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, F.Y.R. of Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will participate in the International Competition, on Friday and Saturday.

The Slovenian Open tip-off on Friday with the children's, juniors' and women's competition and concludes on Saturday with the senior men's games.

The chosen stage could hardly be any more appropriate for such a mass event.

The 1st FIBA Europe 3on3 will take place in Presernov Square in downtown Ljubljana, transforming the center of the Slovenian capital to the scene of an enormous, never-before-seen public celebration of basketball.

To contribute to the festive atmosphere, FIBA Europe will distribute balls, custom-made FIBA Europe 3on3 shirts and jerseys to every child, junior and woman player.

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