3x3 EuroTour To Wrap Up With A Grand Final In Budapest

26 September 2013
Top European 3x3 teams are arriving to Budapest to participate in the EuroTour grand final and take home a check for 5000 Euros as the main prize.

The stage is almost set, the teams, most of which have qualified through the tour's preliminary events, have been split into two groups and the first coin is about to be tossed.

Városligeti Műjégpálya (City Park Ice Rink) - this weekends Europe 3x3 Mecca
Városligeti Műjégpálya (City Park Ice Rink) - this weekend's Europe 3x3 Mecca

Some of the squads that are going to battle each other this weekend in Budapest are coming off a very busy and action packed summer. SKF Slovenia - winners of our stop in Copenhagen, also earned a ticket to the World Tour final in Istanbul next week by participating in the final of a Master event in Lausanne. Salajean Hustlers of Romania / Serbia have two players that are the current world champions and the winners of the Prague WT Master. Squad Streetball - another familiar EuroTour name, is a German team that took part in six out of our previous eight events.

And if you do, you will end up getting up
Ales Kunc (former Slovenia International) is hoping to claim another 3x3 title with his SKF team

Besides the highest level 3x3 basketball, the fans are about to witness something they will never forget - a dunk battle between some of the world's best dunkers. Smoove (Ukraine), Lipek (Poland) and Kristaps Dargais (Latvia) stunned the Tallinn crowd back in August during one of the most spectacular dunk contests ever and are once again ready to put on a show.

Dmitry "Smoove" Kryvenko
Dmitry "Smoove" Kryvenko - winner of the dunk contest in Tallinn

In addition to the EuroTour Final action the Hungarian Basketball Federation is organising an open event for all age groups that will host nearly 300 teams.

And, as usual, side entertainment will also be available to the fans featuring the FaceTeam - a dunking acrobatic group, as well as some local singers and dancers.

A live stream will be available on our website on Saturday from 9:00 till 19:00.

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