3x3 EuroTour. Next Stop - Gdynia

16 August 2013
3x3EuroTour: Gdynia
3x3EuroTour: Gdynia
3x3 EuroTour is entering the final phase as the stage is being set for the tournament in Gdynia, Poland.

The event will take place on Kosciuszko Square directly by the seaside and will qualify the overall winner (out of 24 teams that will have advanced through a series of 16 preliminary tournaments) to both 3x3 EuroTour final in Budapest as well as to World Tour Masters in Prague.

The event is expecting to be a massive one with more than 100 teams registered to play in 10 different categories.

Apart from the 3x3 game action the spectators can expect a Dunk Contest, a kids' dunk contest, a three-point shootout, a skills contest and a friendly game between the Marines and the Police.

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