3x3 Rubs Shoulders With Rock Stars

23 July 2013
3x3 participants at Roskilde Festival in Denmark
3x3 participants at Roskilde Festival in Denmark

Does 3x3 fit into an open-air festival schedule packed with music acts like Rihanna, Metallica and The National?

If you ask the audience at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Northern Europe's biggest music festival, the answer is clearly yes.

Last week 120,000 people participated in the eight-day long festival and the festival's street basket court was bouncing every day from noon till sunset with 3x3 pick-up games, competitions, and even a qualifier tournament for the official Danish 3x3 Championships.

The extraordinary chance to promote 3x3 to thousands of festivalgoers and engage them in basketball activities was a result of a unique partnership between Roskilde Festival and the Danish urban sports organisation, GAM3.

3x3 games on the courts and the urban vibe and music that was a part of GAM3's set up at the festival proved to be a great success.

"We had a fully booked 3x3 qualifier tournament with 16 teams signed up a few hours after our activities at the festival started and twice as many teams on a waiting list. We are already looking forward to returning with an even more extensive basketball program and set up at next year's festival," says Mikkel Selmar, project manager at GAM3.

The final stage of the Danish 3x3 championships is played at 3x3 EuroTour 2013 GAM3 Finals on August 24/25 in Copenhagen. The tournament is a qualifier for the 3x3 World Tour Masters in Lausanne later that month and the 3x3 EuroTour 2013 Finals in Budapest in September.

3x3 EuroTour combines with GAM3 to host the final round of the Danish 3x3 Championships which will take place on 25 and 25 August in Copenhagen. The winners will then be invitec to play in the 3x3 EuroTour Finals in Budapest in September.

The tournament will also double as a qualifying tournament for the 3x3 World Tour Masters in Lausanne, Switzerland later in August.

Photos from the event can be viewed here.



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