Grand 3on3 Experience On Gran Canaria

25 February 2012

FIBA Europe 3on3 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
The youth of Gran Canaria responded enthusiastically to the 3on3 initiative

3on3 basketball has come out of its short weekend break in very impressive fashion.

Four 3on3 courts were set up in the early hours of Friday in Las Palmas to host the first act of the 3on3 Gran Canaria 2014 Tour and introduce the island to the craze that has already captivated youngsters across continental Europe.

The project was an initiative of the Counicl (Cabildo) of Gran Canaria, as a side event that was held in conjuction with the FIBA Europe Techno Centre official opening.

The initiative had the full support of the Municipality of Las Palmas and the University of Gran Canaria, who are also patrons of the Techno Centre. 

The Cabildo financed the event in full and requested the assistance of FIBA Europe 3on3 Manager Robert Rieblinger in organising it.

The experienced FIBA Europe 3on3 team responded to the request of the Cabildo by providing its know-how and the necessary equipment.

The event generated huge media interest in the Canary Islands and participation exceeded the expectation of the organisers proving that Gran Canaria, with its mild climate, is an ideal location for 3on3 baskteball during the winter.

A total of 232 players of all ages and both sexes had registered to play on the first day, across all four categories.

FIBA Europe 3on3 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Wheelchair basketball first division club Econy Gran Canaria 2014 assisted with the promotion of the event

18 teams, including one girls' team, competed in the category reserved for the youngest players, the ones born in 1998 and 1999.

Four teams competed in the Cadets category, for player born in 1996 and 1997.

The Juniors category, for players born in 1994 and 1995, had 15 boys' teams and one girls' team participating.

The Seniors catergory, for players of 18 years of age and over, was the one that saw the biggest number of participants, with 20 teams in total.

With the courts situated in the historical heart of the Las Palmas, at Plaza de Santa Ana, the 3on3 event attracted huge numbers of spectators with over 1,600 people making their way to the square to watch the games or participate in fun activities.

The wheelchair basketball 1st division club Econy assisted with the promotion of the event, which concluded on Saturday night.

The University of Gran Canaria, a prestigious educational institution that has more than 30,000 students, will host the next 3on3 event in Las Palmas in the coming weeks.

3on3 Gran Canaria 2014 will then tour the rest of the island with events taking place in four more cities in early sring.

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