Digital Scoresheet Approved For Use

11 February 2009

Following the recent meeting of the FIBA Technical Commission, it has been decided that the FIBA Europe Digital Score Sheet may be used by organisers of competitions if they wish to do so in future.

FIBA Europe's Miguel Betancor who led the team that designed and developed the Digital Score Sheet commented, "This project was introduced to support all officials in their job; referees, commissioners and table officials. It is not our intention to replace any job, or person with this technology, but to use it to improve their performance and reduce human error where possible."

The Digital Score Sheet has a number of applications.

While providing an electronic version of the score-sheet, it links the action in the game recorded by the official scorer, to the corresponding video. In addition to this it can also be used by coaches and referees to analyse the game and the performance of the players.

"This project has been developed over the last five years. It was first introduced at the 2005 EuroBasket in Belgrade and Migel and his team have worked hard to improve it to a level where we believe it can now be used as a valuable tool." FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin added.

"I am very pleased that we have a product that FIBA feel able to endorse and this reflects the strong co-operation that exists between Europe and the World governing body."

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