FIBA Europe, FIBA Join With UN In Declaration For Road Safety

17 September 2009

In a Declaration for Road Safety signed today during the EuroBasket 2009, FIBA Europe and FIBA joined the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure, the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in a plea to respect road traffic rules.

The EuroBasket 2009 Declaration for Road Safety: "Because a true champion respects the rules of the game!" - draws a parallel between basketball and road safety stating that non-respect for rules results in unfairness, on the road as on the court. The consequences of not following the rules on the road are, however, much more severe and sadly, many people do not play by the rules when they get behind the wheel.

In an effort to reach out to people's everyday lives, the Declaration offers a new perspective on road rules. It tries to counter the "avoid getting caught" attitude with one of respect for fellow road-users. It also summarises 7 simple rules which have proven beyond any doubt, time and time again, that they save lives:

  • Do NOT use mobile phones while driving
  • Do NOT drive whilst under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Stay within the speed limit
  • Share the road safely with pedestrians and cyclists
  • Wear seatbelts - every day, every time, both in the front and back of the vehicle
  • Use approved child restraint systems
  • Wear approved helmets while riding two-wheelers

On a global scale, 1.2 million people die in road traffic crashes every year, with millions more injured and disabled. The Declaration makes the point that these crashes are NOT accidents but events that can be prevented through daily action and awareness.

Through its Road Traffic Safety Forum, UNECE has established a multilateral legal framework for road safety which covers all factors influencing international road traffic, including the driver and the vehicle, in the Convention on Road Traffic (1968), and which prescribes common norms for traffic light signals and uniform conditions for road markings in the Convention on Road Signs and Signals (1968)

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