Mieszko, The Bison, Chosen As Mascot Of EuroBasket 2009

27 April 2009

The Polish Basketball Federation and the Local Organising Committee of EuroBasket 2009 announced at a press conference in Warsaw Monday, that they have chosen the European bison, as the official mascot of the EuroBasket 2009 in Poland.

The European bison (Żubr in Polish) is the biggest wild animal to be found in Poland's forests.

It is estimated that almost one fifth of the world's population of bisons is actually living in Poland. The animal is known for its calm attitude, while its posture and small horns are associated with strength and dignity.

The name chosen for the event's official mascot is Mieszko (pronounced Mee-e-shko). The name has historical significance as it is the name of the first Polish Prince who united Poland in the 10th century. At that period in history bisons could be easily met almost everywhere in Poland.

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